Women laws to be developed

The National, Thursday July 14th, 2016

Two new laws will be developed on women’s health, Constitutional and Law Reform Commission secretary Dr Eric Kwa says.
Kwa told The National that UN Women had supported this project with K120,000 mainly for public consultation. Part of the money was used to firm up on the draft bills to be taken to parliament.
Without giving further information on the project, Kwa said the Constitutional and Law Reform Commission (CLRC) was reviewing more than 35 laws from the 27 different government agencies.
“Government has given us a direction to review all the laws,” he said.
“We have put together a proposal for the government to help with resources, so we can work effectively to reform the laws of this country and make them relevant and good for our people.
“CLRC is now being given prominence.
“We are being recognised as the main law reformer and the Government is telling the agencies and  statutory bodies to come to us.
“It cuts down costs, instead of intuitions finding their own consultants to review at high costs. That money should be used for their primary functions, which is providing services to our people.”
“If they give it to us it’s at no cost to them because we are already getting budget to review the laws.
“In that way we are able to align our focus to the relevant areas. Law review we take it away from departments and agencies so they can focus on what they are established for.
“Law reform, that’s our job, we have got experts, knowledge and the capacity to do that,” he said.