Women learn to cook using gas

Youth & Careers

Seventeen rural women in Nawaeb, Morobe, were happy to learn how to prepare and cook food using gas fire last Friday.
The women, mostly subsistence farmers at Kesu plantation in Bukawa, were also taught how to organise themselves to work together as a group by self-employed trainer  Tina Heting.
Heting, 43, from Komba LLG in Kabwum, did training in hospitality and catering back in her home district in 2007. She was trained by the Department of Agriculture and Lvestock.
She then moved to Kesu where she saw the need to train women in catering using modern equipment.
“We are organising a corporative where I want to gather women, identify their needs and impart what I know so they can do something,” said Heting.
The women are from different places around the country but have bought land at Kesu to live.
Most plant gardens and sell surplus produce to earn an income.
“I don’t want to see women hiding in their homes,” Heting.
“They have been housewives all their lives.
“I want to change their mentality and expose their talents.” One of the participants, former Nabak LLG women’s representative Katick Saponga, 54, said she had not seen much improvement in her life until she attended the training.
“I thought cooking is just roasting food over an open fire but I’ve learnt a lot and I’m feeling special.”