Women learn to arrange flowers

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The Nationl, Monday 3rd September, 2012

THE Flower Cut Association, in collaboration with Bris Kanda Incorporated, has conducted a floriculture training course for women in Wampar, Morobe.
Bris Kanda is an organisation that provides development programmes and help to the people of Huon Gulf district, Morobe, and is funded by the New Zealand aid programme.
Mary Saun, a registered trainer in floriculture, said farmers came to seek information on what to do with flowers but the Department of Agriculture and Livestock had no programme involving floriculture.
“They do not have a programme for floriculture so the department approached me on various occasions to provide help to farmers who are looking into flower trade,” Saun said.
She said not many people realised that flowers could provide an income.
The training course teaches participants on how to cut flowers and arrangements for different occasions.
Some of the floral products are bouquets, table posies, corsages, hair pins, garland threading and wreath-making.
Participants were taught how to start up cooperative societies and small business management by business officers from Bris Kanda.
Bris Kanda gender coordinator Carol Pia’afu said the aim of the course was to look for business opportunities for women to create an income for them and their families.
“Our organisation concentrates on development in Huon Gulf and the aim for this course is to create an income for women,” Pia’afu said.
Bris Kanda brought in representatives from Médecins Sans Frontiers to educate the women on gender and HIV/AIDS issues.
The week-long training began on last Tuesday and ended on Saturday.