Women, LLG fund new centre

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The National, Monday June 24th, 2013

 AT least 600 people in Tari, Hela, witnessed the opening of the new women’s centre on June 15. 

The centre is an initiative of the Tari Women’s Group using funds  they raised to construct the building foundation while the liquefied natural gas project supported the construction of the building.

The centre was opened by Hela deputy administrator Kove Waiko and LNG project’s upstream field community development support coordinator Priscilla Pius.

The centre is of a two-storey building with accommodation upstairs and a training room downstairs that can hold 100 people. 

The training room will be used by women to learn skills such as baking, sewing, health and hygiene, literacy as well as religious studies. 

The accommodation will be used to generate income.

Pius said the Tari Women’s Training Centre was a great example of community involvement and it was a credit to the women that the centre was completed in just two months.

“Our community development strategy is to support communities to help themselves build capacity and resilience,” she said. 

“A sense of ownership and pride in a community project is key to its success. 

“This women’s group has at least 700 members. 

“It is very exciting to be involved with women who want to help themselves and knowing projects like this will be sustained in the long run.”

Pius congratulated the women for their hard work and encouraged them to fullky utilise the facilities.