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David Manning

POLICE yesterday managed to rescue two women from torture by a group of men who had accused them of practising sorcery in Port Moresby.
Police Commissioner David Manning condemned the “primitive behaviour” which “has no place in society”.
He told The National that those who witnessed the ordeal of the two women must assist police in their investigation.
“If we are to aspire to be anywhere in the future as a society and country, we need to allow the rule of law to take its rightful place,” Comm Manning said.
“Law and order break down when people take it upon themselves to dispense their corrupted version of justice.
“I encourage the witnesses and the families of the two women to assist with the investigation by giving statements, and more importantly, assist in seeking justice for the two women.”
Police staged the dramatic rescue exercise yesterday afternoon after being tipped off on what was happening at the Mango Mine settlement at 5-Mile, Port Moresby North-East electorate.
One of the two women managed to escape from the group of men and was running away when police arrived.
Police said the two women had been tied and assaulted. They had severe burns and knife wounds. They were treated by St John’s Ambulance officers at the scene before being taken to hospital.
Police noticed around 20 men fleeing the area when they arrived.
They managed to free the second woman who was tied up and lying in a garden.
National Capital District/Central police commander Assistant Commissioner Anthony Wagambie Jr and Metropolitan Superintendent Gideon Ikumu described the incident as a heinous and vicious act of torture which would not be tolerated in Port Moresby.
Wagambie called on the people from various districts living in the capital city to change their behavior and attitude.
“I condemn this vicious act of torture on two helpless mothers.”


  • These are results of sprouting settlements in NCD under the pretext of freedom of movement. These people should be in their villages where they can practice their PRIMITIVE BEHAVIOUR. Get rid of settlements.

  • Take those who a guilty and do to them what they did to these women. What do you know about sorcery, if you don’t know how sorcery works then don’t point fingers for nothing.
    I think NCDC should clean up the new settlement sprouting up in the city or best introduce the vagrancy act now…

  • Sorcery is not real as it can not be proven scientifically and not consistent with Christianity. Hence, every PNG educated elites and Christian should conduct awareness to discourage sorcery related challenges in our societies. Its a real pity to see victims, especially women and girls being abused. Let’s discourage this inhuman and unethical behavior going forward for PNG generally.

  • Sorceries are real. get rid of the settlement and the people involved or practising sorcery and cult back to their villages.
    If not, they will still kill/murder by sorcery!

  • Violence against women in any form or excuse must be strongly condemned. How long must this go on in our Pacific societies in this 21st century? A compassionate and tolerant society will be known by how it treats its women. These women are mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, aunties, grandmothers, cousins, etc. who give life to our generations. To treat them in such degrading manner shows how intolerant the society is of the lives and dignity of its women, as the bearer of life.

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