Women should be protected


WRITER Kake Smith, in his letter on Dec 30, argued that the story of the creation written in Genesis 1 says one thing and chapter 2 of the same book says something contradictory.
I agree with his way of open thinking, but I disagree with his reasonings.
Moses was the first Jewish figure with highest educational qualifications (and perhaps the only highly educated among his people at that time) who compiled in writing all the oral histories handed them down through generations.
The Egyptian system of writing at that time had no rules of writing like the ones we have today.
So, there was no strict rules in writing and the writers write at will and so did Moses.
What Moses wrote was the earliest form of the writing we know today as reflective writing.
In this form of writing, the writer raises an issue and then revisit it to note the details.
Moses raises the issue of the creation of man in Genesis 1:27-28 and then noted the actual detail (if not minute) how it happened in Genesis chapter 2.
This was confusing as Moses continued to write about other things before reflecting later in chapter 2 on the issue raised earlier.
But like I pointed out, there’s no rule in writing at that time.
The detailing of the creation of man and woman in chapter 2 of Genesis is very essential in the stability of marriages, which is the fundamental building blocks of societies.
The decline in marriages and increase in the rate of divorces in 2021 was very high and unprecedented.
Men and women left the natural use of their body and were burned with lust; men with men; women with women; men/women with beasts; and, men/women with diffferent objects.
The world is going crazy.
As a result of the absence of genuine love, the world population is on decline. Domestic and gender-based violence undeniably is a plague that is eating away the fabric of our country like cancer.
Our news is making headlines every day.
I read news of women accused of sorcery and were tortured and I am so devasted.
Our women and girls are abused, raped and killed without considering their vulnerability.
Our society is no longer safe for women and girls to live in.
As a young unmarried man, I wake up in the middle of the night and couldn’t go to sleep thinking about the society my daughter is going to be born into.
On the contrary, the Bible that is falling out of kilter with world opinion, is the same that can fix our problems if not ignored.
Genesis chapter 2 details women to be fragile and vulnerable and are dependent upon men for care, security, love and attention.
They must be protected and defended by men because women were created for men and not men for the women.

Ante Baimako

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