Women to be trained in Australia to drive buses

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SIX women will be trained in Australia to drive public buses, providing transportation to women only to guarantee their safety.
Australian women and girls ambassador Dr Sharman Stone met the women who will be travelling to Australia for training with bus company Ventura.
The six are part of a programme aimed at empowering women to engage in traditional male roles, and proactively addressing safety for women on public transportation.
Stone met the women at the Ginigoada Foundation when she visited the foundation to see their work in improving the safety of women and girls on public transport, as well as providing life skills, literacy and vocational trainings for youths and women.
Ventura has donated four big buses to support the Safe Public Transport for Women, Girls and Children programme which Australia supports.
The women are undergoing the first part of their training by driving 29-seater manual-gear buses in Port Moresby.
Stone said Australia supported the foundation to improve opportunities that empower women and girls, and also end violence against women and girls.
“Australia will continue to work with non-governmental organisations and community-based organisations to optimise access and equitable opportunities for women and girls,” Stone said.