Women urged to attend taekwondo classes

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The National – Tuesday, June 28, 2011

THE Mt Hagen Taekwondo Association is reaching out to women to build their self-confidence to enable them defend and protect themselves.
The association will be holding training sessions for women and they are urged to enrol next month to learn the art and keep fit and healthy.
The sessions will be held at the YC hall in Rebiamul starting August.
Fourth degree taekwondo black belt holder and PNG’s only certified trainer under the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF), Simon Kama will conducting the training sessions.
Kama said the association was taking a new approach aimed at teaching women to defend themselves.
He said in today’s society, abuse on women was on the rise and it was proper that they were empowered with self-defence skills.
Kama has also introduced taekwondo for primary school children and conducts sessions on Saturdays and after classes during weekdays, except for Fridays.
Taekwondo classes for the students started as a result of discipline and attitude problems among students.
Kama believes that teaching students martial arts would help minimise the problem.
He added that through martial arts there would be behavior management, self-control, and students would learn how to respect themselves at an early age.
It was an important part in children’s development, he said.
He hopes to transfer his skills and techniques to the future generation and help in building a more disciplined society.
Kama is also engaging his senior students to help carry out training sessions.