Women with disabilities want change

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The National, Friday 21st September 2012

WOMEN with Disabilities (WWD) in Lae, Morobe, are willing to see change and focus on their ability rather than the label “disability.”
The group got together this week to find ways to sustain their living by earning an income through arts and craft, with assistance from Andrea Niblet.
Vice-president for Morobe Disable Agency and Mamose representative for disability on the national board of persons with disabilities Mittie Katu-Bradford said they wanted WWD to be included in society and seen as women leaders.
“We really need to get out there and empower women with disabilities,” Katu-Bradford said.
“Their is life even though you are disabled. It doesn’t mean you are disabled, we don’t like the term disabled because when you are disabled you cannot do anything. We like to be call people with disabilities because we have different abilities and with the help of Andrea Niblet, it will help a lot of women with disabilities.”
The group in their first meeting on Wednesday called on the citizens of Papua New Guinea and business houses in Lae to pass on to them or donate things they did not use or any extras to help kick-start their arts and crafts programme.
Niblet reiterated that this would be her legacy in Papua New Guinea  that the people must be independent when she is gone because so many have been abused and could not run away. If they got away from abuse they would have to think where the next meal would come from, she said.