Women’s group gives solar lights to remote village


THE Church of the Nazarene women’s ministry in Kudjip, Jiwaka, has a special programme through which they reach out to remote communities.
As part of their ministry in bringing Jesus’ healing and teachings out to the people, last Friday, some of the members based in the mission station, took off early for Singoropa in Middle Jimi, which is in the Church’s Bromley district.
They brought with them solar lights, some clothes and necessary kits to give to the people.
The women comprised of nurses, pastors’ wives, those who have graduated as community health workers and even tutors at the Kudjip Nazarene College.
They spent the whole Saturday at the Singoropa Nazarene station talking and explaining to the mothers, girls, men and children about health education and sharing the good news about Jesus Christ.
The women returned on Sunday after having church service with the people there.
Ruth Nolie, wife of Rev Philip Nolie, said they have a duty to preach the good news to the unreached.
“There are souls out there that do not know Jesus. Somebody who already knows Jesus must tell them about him so that they can be saved. We also look at educating them to live healthy and take good care of their families,” Nolie said.
“We have nurses in the ministry who teach about safe motherhood to mothers in the remote communities.
“They also teach them how to prevent themselves from common diseases, how to prepare and handle food, attend to births in the villages where there is no doctor and offer other basic life skills,” Nolie said.
She said the women in the ministry had different gifts and talents and it was a blessing from God which they were using to extend his kingdom.
The women are inspired by the words of Jesus to feed and clothe the poor and needy, preach the good news, attend to the sick, and help them to know about God’s love for all.