Women’s group leader offers plane to fly produce to Pom

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RUTH Undi has lent her private aircraft to transport fruits and vegetables for women in the Highlands to Port Moresby.
She is the chairperson and founder of Mama Halpim Mama Foundation in the Ialibu district of Southern Highlands.
Undi sent her plane yesterday to the Kagamuga airport in Western Highlands to transport about 700kg of fruits and vegetables to a company in Port Moresby.
Women representatives Clare Dick and Erica Andoia, who assisted in packing the fruits and vegetables yesterday at Kagamuga, thanked Undi for supporting the women.
Dick said hiring an aircraft would have cost the women a lot. She thanked Undi and her Niugini Aviation Service for assisting the women for free.
It is second shipment of fresh produce. The first was sent last Thursday. The women sent lemons, tomatoes, broccoli, avocados and mandarins.
Dick said the company in Port Moresby had ordered 700kg of fruits and vegetables but the women could only send about 600kg. She said they supposed to sent 200kg of avocados but sent about 100kg.
The group includes women of Ialibu-Pangia, Imbonggu and Kagua-Erave districts.
“We are so fortunate to have a lady like Ruth Undi who came down to help us the struggling mothers to earn a living,” she said.