Women’s group urged to extend work


AN Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea (ELCPNG) assistant bishop has called on Lutheran women’s group to extend their programmes in order to reach all women in Morobe.
Assistant bishop Rev Lucas Kedabang made the call while in Huon Gulf last week to open the 2nd ELC Yabim Geyamsao (women’s) festival at Wampar.
Women’s groups from 14 church circuits in Yabim attended the women’s ministry at Gabmazung Lutheran Primary School.
“I want to see more praise in the programme to empower women from all communities in the 14 circuits,” Kedabing said.
He told the Geyamsao group that the programme had a significant impact in lives of people in the community.
Kedabing said women had an important role to play at a time when the country was looking to meet challenges in bringing development and economic prosperity.
He said having strong Christian principles would help them live better lives and be better citizens.
“Such ministerial groups take up that responsibility in helping people.”

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