Wonderland makes last bid to pass Poroma clan


TRANS Wonderland Limited will move all its trucks loaded with cargoes bound for the LNG project from Lae and Mount Hagen to Poroma in Southern Highlands as a last resort, managing director Larry Andagali says.
Ten of the company’s trucks have been held up for more than three weeks at Poroma in Southern Highlands by relatives of a man killed in a road accident.
They want the clan of the driver from Angore in Hela to pay K3 million in compensation for causing the death of the boy.
Andagali said the company had nothing to do with the road accident or the death but its trucks were held up by the relatives since Nov 15.
He criticised the police and the government for “negotiating” with the relatives who themselves should be arrested for committing a criminal offence.
“The people who are holding the trucks and the cargoes are committing a serious criminal offence and are supposed to be dealt with by law enforcement agencies such as the police and the defence force,” he said.
“Trans Wonderland Limited as a company has got nothing to with the compensation demands that the people of Poroma are demanding from the people of Angore in Hela,” he said.
Andagali said forcing their way through the roadblock was the last resort.
“It is almost three weeks now they have been negotiating and we as a business have incurred huge costs,” he said.