Wong not happy with Namah’s comments


HEALTH and HIV/AIDS Minister Jelta Wong has defended the offer by the Government to send PNG soldiers to assist in fighting the Australian bushfire.
He was responding to the statement by Opposition Leader Belden Namah who had criticised the decision.
“I expected more coming from a military man but I am not all surprised by the statement by the Leader of Opposition,” he said.
Wong said Prime Minister James Marape was promoting the PNG Defence Force through peace and humanitarian efforts to assist in the Australian bush fire situation.
“I am very much not happy that a former top strategist from our very own defence force (who) currently holds the title of Opposition Leader would make such an outburst,” Wong said.
“This Government under Prime Minister James Marape is about building bridges and better utilising our Defence Force where it actually matters,” he said.
“The PNG Defence Force can be a career path for our younger generation similar to what other countries in the world today are practicing.”
Wong said Namah should not be mocking Marape when PNG was trying to assist a neighboring country.
Wong said the Health Ministry was ready to send nurses to assist once the Australian Government through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade approved the submission presented.

One thought on “Wong not happy with Namah’s comments

  • Are our solders and fire fighters, expericed in wild bush fires: how will they help ?
    Money – don’t offer that because you don’t have any !
    Maybe, he should take his family to Singapore / Malaysia for a holiday and be happy ?

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