Wong provides assistance to disaster-affected villages

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GAZELLE MP Jelta Wong provided prompt assistance to disaster-affected villages along North Coast, East New Britain, restoring normalcy for people in his electorate.
Flooding and landslides have resulted from constant rain over the last couple of weeks which has seen homes washed away and at least 300 people made homeless.
On Thursday, Wong engaged road machinery with his own money, paying for fuel and directing East New Britain Works technical team to build a bypass to allow businesses and commuters use the road again.
This particular section of the road called Ramark at Putanagororoi village in Livuan/Reimber LLG area was cut off. This is a vital road link before Kerevat that accommodates national institutions such as the National Agriculture and Research Institute, PNG Council of Churches, PNG University of Natural Resources and the Environment, Kerevat jail and Rabaul.
People in the area expressed their gratitude to their leader for assisting to put in place a temporary bypass to enable access and Works will now begin to have a permanent fix once funds are available.
Topilit Polos, a local in the area, welcomed the bypass.
Wong has plans to upgrade the North Coast Road from a provincial road to a national road as it requires urgent attention and a larger scale budget for rehabilitation.
Wong appreciated working closely with the other ENB parliamentarians.