Wong: Say no to family violence

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By Rebecca KUKU
POLICE Minister Jelta Wong, pictured, says domestic violence could not possibly be fixed by the police alone and appealed to community leaders to help promote that violence is not acceptable (in any form).
“Let’s all help to try to eradicate (or check the growth of) violence at all levels, starting from within our homes,” he added.
Wong said: “Domestic violence has been happening for far too long with too many people turning a blind eye.
“(It’s time to doing something about it and) we will increase manpower and (step up) training for officers (to handle such cases).”
Wong was responding to The National’s front page report yesterday on the alarming rise in family-related homicide and sexual violence in Lae and Port Moresby.
More than 200 family and sexual violence cases have been reported in Lae and Port Moresby this year or barely three months. And in the national capital district, 23 cases of domestic violence-related homicide were reported.
Wong said police manpower would be increased in the Family and Sexual Violence Unit (FSVU) and Domestic Violence Division (DVD).
“Police officers will also be given additional training to better handle family and sexual violence,” he added.
“I am appalled by the increase in the number of (domestic violence and homicide) reports.
“We cannot condone or tolerate any type of violence, especially against women and children.
“All police officers will get additional trainings to better deal with domestic violence at its early stage to help curb (quarrels from becoming) family homicides.”
Wong stressed that such violence had been happening for far too long, “be it mental or physical violence, we must all say No!”
He said the government was also rolling out additional training for police officers on gender-based violence.
“We are also boosting the DVD to ultimately filter through nationwide.”