Wong urges MPs to reconsider walk to parlt

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By Rebecca Kuku
POLICE Minister Jelta Wong has urged MPs and anyone else planning to walk to Parliament when sitting resumes on May 28 to reconsider it.
He said political issues should be debated and dealt with in Parliament rather than on the street.
Wong was responding to discussions on social media about the walk planned by the 49 MPs in the Opposition camp.
“We have a place to talk and argue on government matters or policies which is on the floor of parliament and not on the streets,” he said.
Wong said police would be providing security.
He warned MPs not to involve the people in any activity which could cause unrest or chaos in the city.
“Security will be toughened and will be out in full force to ensure that parliament sits without any disturbance,” he said.
Alternative prime minister nominee and Tari-Pori MP James Marape said the proposed walk from the Laguna camp was on the condition their numbers reached 56 by May 28.
“The walk is for leaders at the Laguna Camp. If we reach 56 by the 28th, we will walk from the camp to Parliament to show our numbers,” he said.
Wong could not say if the proposed walk was legal.
“It is expected to be determined by the National Capital District Commission peace and good order committee.
“We will, however, continue to provide police security as is normal for all parliament sittings,” he said.
Police Commissioner Gari Baki said providing security around the parliament premises would continue as normal.

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