Woo pays for women to host festival


‘TWO Lae-based companies have assisted the Yabem Gejamsao (women) to host their first festival.
The owner of PC Woo and Lae Builders and Contractors, Sir Bob Sinclair, supported the festival theme of “empowering women to acquire skills and knowledge to change family livelihoods in cultural heritage and information network”.
It aims to educate single and married women, including girls, on all aspects of their social and spiritual wellbeing.
They will be taught how to maintain cultural knowledge and skills to in a world of science and technology.
It is scheduled for Dec 13 to 17 at the Martin Luther Seminary.
Woo did not say how much was given.
“When we give to enhance God’s ministry, there is no need to boast how much we give,” Woo said.
“I love my God for the blessings upon me and I like to share with people and the church in this manner.
“We’ll all die and go to heaven and live the riches behind. So as we give to others is how we share our love of God, the source of all the blessings and encourage others to love and share too.”
Woo chairs the Resurrection Lutheran Church in Top Town, is the deputy board chairman of the Martin Luther Seminary and Stang Girls School board member in Markham.
Project coordinator Siling Nawi said “we thought we were merely women but God has seen our hearts and blessed us through Woo and Sir Bob Sinclair.”