Words of wisdom for Kumuls


JUST a few words to the PNG Kumuls team for this Saturday’s game against the England Knights in Port Moresby.
From my observation of the game played in Lae last weekend, I have identified some weak areas the players should correct (I know the coaches have repeatedly reminded the players).
The players have not put all their efforts into their defence and attack.
You have to have a purpose to be in the team, not just making up the numbers and free-riding on other players’ hard work.
Everyone should work as a team, both in attack and defence.
The climate is on our side, so complete the sets, control the game and maintain ball security.
Kicking when there are support players clearly beside you is wrong, forcing passes when they are not supposed to pass is wrong, missing tackles at critical time’s leads to more hard work.
There were no support runners when a player was taking the ball up (just in case he makes a break).
The defence line was scrambled.
Every player in the team should execute his role according to the coach’s instructions and follow the game plan.
Another important thing that should be considered and corrected before this weekend’s game is that we need two good centres who can create opportunities for their wingers.
The Kumuls need centres who can play like halves out wide and pass the ball with both hands to his winger or to the support the player inside.
Justin Olam and Nene Macdonald are very good and experienced finishers and should be used out wide.
All the best for Saturday.

Port Moresby