Work in unity to end violence


AFTER a “silent hell” of putting up with all the violence through the media or witnessed first-hand, today is the day that this nation should stand up together and say, “Enough is enough”.
Today is when all Papua New Guineans should be working together to put a stop to all forms of violence especially against females.
Let us all join this cause and not be spectators because our ignorance is feeding this behaviour and attitude.
One might say this cause does not concern me but remember every person reading this is born from a mother who is a woman.
If it is not for your mother, wife, daughters, sisters then maybe join the cause for your grandchild who might become a victim of violence later in life. Do not wait for it to happen to someone close to you before you decide to do something about it.
Let us all stand united to denounce all forms of gender-based violence.
It is time for a united voice from the Government, the churches and the people to end violence in PNG.
Gender-based violence has become entranced in the society with no tough penalties taken against perpetrators.
Now is the time to enact change.
Now is the time to harness the power of your activism to make a change for a better nation.
Most business houses and government departments have thrown their support to end violence. Violence is the most significant issue affecting the quality of life for Papua New Guineans of both genders but it is particularly galling when directed to those most vulnerable, in particular children and the many adults who are not themselves prepared to resort to violence.
This as a national issue requiring a comprehensive approach and they note some steps by the government in the right direction.
The march two weeks ago was a demonstration to mourn not only the passing of late Jenelyn Kennedy but women, mothers, sisters, aunt, daughters and grandmothers who have been killed in brutal attacks, rapes and sorcery – and witchcraft related accusations.
This symbolic act of solidarity is meant to call upon the Government and the nation to take serious action to address these issues.
Jenelyn’s family is much-admired for allowing her story to be told by the media as it has now exposed the many loopholes in the so-called system of help that is written down on paper.
Those responsible for making the systems work have failed not only Jenelyn but the many women, children, men and families. The consensus is that the passing of policies and legislation by the government is not the only thing it should be responsible for.
The social media is flooded with calls supporting this cause.
In our society, we value the death as much as the living.
It has been our custom and tradition to come together as one big family whenever there is a death – regardless of gender, religious believes or social status.
Sadly, we will not be mourning the death of one person; we will be mourning the death of hundreds of women and girls who lost their lives as a result of violent crimes.
Remember, every small step in the right direction becomes the start of something amazing.