Work on prison’s water supply nears completion


WORK on the Barawagi Prison water supply system is expected to be completed in six weeks, says project coordinator Joe Gul.
Gul, from the Chimbu Governor’s office who is overseeing the project, said contractor Alliance Project Insight have hired more workers to get the project completed quickly. The cost of K490,000 will be shared by the national and the Chimbu governments.
“We have completed the first phase of the project already. We have cleared the well, fixed its pump system and built the cement slabs for the tanks to sit on,” Gul said.
Three water tanks, two 9500-litre and one 42,000-litre, will be installed.
The contractor have 36 workers on the job.
“The final stage will be to build a perimeter fencing around the treatment plant,” Gul said.
The water supply system will supply more than 400 prisoners, staff and their families, and more than 4000 people from Tem Creek and the Don Bosco Technical College.
Governor Michael Dua visited the site and said a juvenile centre would be built next to the prison.

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