Work on track for new City Pharmacy warehouse


CITY Pharmacy Ltd (CPL) is on track to build its new warehouse in Port Moresby after the previous one burnt down in 2017.
Managing director Mahesh Patel said the building would cost them around K40 million, with initial payments done.
“We have already signed a contract with a construction company, Avenell Engineering Services Limited (AES), for the first stage which costs K22 million and the second stage is being planned,” Patel said.
He said they would have three distinct buildings so cooking and fire facilities would be separate from the dry and cold storage facilities.
“This will be to make sure that if there is any mishap, we do not lose the whole business. The head office will be in a separate building as well.
“We are using technology but not actually state of the art knowing that we have issues with communications, breakdowns and with engineering services.
“We have found a hybrid model of doing an advanced warehouse management system but not going full hog into a very sophisticated system.”
He said they were starting expansion and refurbishments by remodeling some of their older pharmacy outlets.
“Vision City is done. Mount Hagen is undergoing refurbishment while Kimbe, Kavieng, Maprik, Lihir and Manus have already been refurbished.
“We have also open a new retail store in Vanimo and it has had a great start. We have a couple more new stores coming in the pharmacy department.”

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