Work on venue ahead of schedule

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The National, Wednesday 29th May 2013

 INITIAL ground works at the Taurama Aquatic Centre and Indoor Complex project site are well ahead of schedule.

Project Architect Wade Jennings (pictured right) of Peddle Thorp New Zealand and project manager Tim Fallon (pictured left) visited the site yesterday and were impressed with the progress of Global Constructions Ltd with the initial groundworks and clearing.

“Global has done really well, and are ahead of schedule. 

“This initial stage was scheduled to finish by the end of June, that target is in sight, or earlier,” Jennings said.

“Fantastic job, great start. Global have done a great job” Fallon added.

“They’ve been able to get site preparation work ahead of schedule by the end of June, it sets the actual building works at a great stage now.

“Handover target for the facility is March 2015, taking into consideration minor works that may need to be done, and commissioning,” Jennings said.

Sports and Pacific Games Minister Justin Tkatchenko had visited the site two weeks earlier and was impressed with the progression of works from three weeks behind schedule to a week ahead, however yesterday’s site visit was great news for one of the 2015 Games major projects.

The site is two levels, for the pools at the top level, and the second for the indoor complex and carpark.

Building commencement could start in the next week, however approval process through the Central Supply and Tenders Board could again become a hurdle.

Reports from the Sports Ministry indicate that the CSTB apparently ‘pulled rank’ again for their process of approval on the next stage of the project. 

Initial building works will then commence as soon as this approval comes through.