Work starts on Sepik Highway

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The National, Tuesday October 15th, 2013


TRAVEL on the Sepik Highway from the Angoram junction to Nagam River has been pretty rough for hundreds of motorists and commuters but local company Green Hill Investment Ltd is confident it will deliver a decent road before Christmas.

Green Hill Investment Ltd’s public relations officer Leo Kabilo said the company started work on the affected section of the highway last month, with assistance from locals who offered labour.

“A lot of accidents have occurred along this section of the road, especially when vehicles try to negotiate a steep climb from the river up or vice-versa,” Kabilo said.

“Other parts of this section were filled with potholes and bits of broken bitumen, which posed a risk to the safety of motorists and passengers. 

“It has been a total eyesore for the travelling public but will soon be a thing of the past as we are committed to giving this road as a Christmas gift to the government and the people of the two Sepik provinces,” Kabilo said.

The section of the road covering more than 4km has been upgraded, with final trimming and line drainage underway on the section near the river while sealing has begun on the first kilometre from the Angoram junction.

The Sepik road works was designed by the National Department of Works and is funded by the National Government through its AusAID transport sector support programme.