Work to bring change


POLITICAL career in democracies around the world is not hereditary nor born with.
It is a career mandated by constituents in a given electorate through a process of voting.
Consequently, an MP can be voted out or in depending on his/her performance.
It always good to represent your constituents with an open mind regardless of where you stand in the national parliament, whether with the government or opposition.
There was a call for MPs in the current government to move into the opposition to chance leadership to which some bold leaders made their move including the Member of Parliament for Okapa, Saki Soloma.
It is a great move by the MP which the people of Okapa appreciate because the current government’s empty promises of this and that projects not being fulfilled.
The people of Okapa would appreciate if the MP works closely with our vocal and energetic Governor Peter Numu and bring much needed services like roads, bridges, power, health and education services into the district.

Peter Akori

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