Work to clear debris starts today

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The National, Wednesday November 6th, 2013

 WORK to retrieve the bodies of eight people buried by a landslide in Eastern Highlands will start today.

That was the understanding reached between the Government and grieving relatives from Barano village, in Daulo district, yesterday.

The Works Department and the National Disaster and Emergency Services (NDES) are expected to begin a damage assessment at the same time. That was confirmed yesterday by Lands and Physical Planning Minister Benny Allan.

The Barano Landslip Working Committee presented a K6 million demand to Allan.

An understanding was reached following the disbursement of K200,000, with K100,000 each coming from the Works Department and NDES yesterday.

Works first assistant secretary operations Steven Pull presented K100,000, while the NDES contribution was presented by Daulo MP Ron Ganarafo, with Thomas Ninkama from the NDES office witnessing the presentation. Ganarafo committed K50,000 to the victims and relatives as a contribution from the people of Daulo district.

Eastern Highlands Governor Julie Soso pledged to meet funeral expenses of the victims. 

Some of the grieving family members of those buried under the debris do not want any further delay and would like their loved ones to be retrieved immediately.

Bare Wapo, the uncle of 13-year-old Mondu Dusty, a grade four student of Ona-Keto Primary School, said the bodies must be recovered immediately.