Work together to make Gordon’s Market safer

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday February 27th, 2014

 I REFER to the comments about Wap and Co security guards misbehaving in Gordon’s  Market (Feb 16).

As an observer, I have seen many changes, especially the situation and crowd control within the vicinity of the market.

Before the Wap and Co security guards were taken on board, this  place  used  to be a breeding ground for drug  bodies, drunkards and opportunitists who went  around  in  a  group  and  teased women.

Despite any disruptions caused, I would like to commend the guards for a job well done to at least make Gordon’s Market a safe  place for the public. 

I would like to ask the writer to walk around and prove to himself,  see that it is  not  that Gordon’s Market of five to six years ago when those so-called hooligans took control.

I  assume  the  guards  cannot go around jeopardising their status  because one way or another, that place is their garden and  it is where  they earn  their  little allowance. 

So stop pointing fingers and let us, cooperate to make Gordon’s Market a better place.


Opolengep Lolare

Port Moresby