Work with police, district told


A MURDER in Kome local level government in Menyamya, Morobe, on Aug 17 is one of the many ongoing law and order problems in the district, provincial rural commander Chief Insp John Daviaga says.
“The district development authority must urgently work with us closely to maintain law and order,” he said.
“In the latest killing, a young man from the village was killed after he was suspected of burning down houses belonging to his killers.”
Chief Insp Daviaga said the allegations levelled against the deceased by the murderers was untrue.
After the killing, the suspects also allegedly issued serious threats to kill community leaders, councillors and all parties that the suspects thought were part of the burning down of their houses.
Chief Insp Daviaga said the main murder suspect had been arrested.
“Major crimes committed over the years have been reported in the district and the provincial police headquarters,” he said.
“We do have outstanding investigations to be completed.
“Logistics and manpower shortages and constraints are causing investigations into major cases to be delayed or slowed.”
In the last decade, police have been using a container as a temporary police lockup at the Menyamya Police Station, but it is not fit for human occupation.
A number of police station commanders in the province said Menyamya police needed a proper police lockup.