Work with public servants to deliver services

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday November 7th, 2013

 THE article titled “Lack of services in Kagua-Erave” (Oct 25) is worth discussing.

The author implies that MP James Lagea is not delivering goods and services.

Firstly, this year is just the start of a five-year parliamentary term. 

The people of Kagua-Erave have given Lagea the mandate to represent them in parliament for the next five years. 

I urge the local leaders and the elites of Kagua-Erave to support and work with him to assist in service delivery, including the prevalent law and order problems in our electorate.

Secondly, the important service delivery is public servants’ responsibility and not the politicians’.

It could be that public servants are not performing if there are any in the district or it could be that public servants are not supported and resourced to do their work.

So we may be shooting down the messenger who is our elected MP who could be the victim of a bad civil administration in Southern Highlands.

The Department of Personnel Management has contributed to the failures of public service in the provinces, especially in the Highlands region when it (DPM) granted recruitment powers to the provincial administrators through the “devolution powers” instrument.  

This was the licence to kill the public service and there is more corruption on the way for as long the “devolution powers” remain with the provincial administrators.

I would urge Lagea to work closely with his public servants, trust them, give the resource inputs required for them to do their work and for him to continue his good work.


Yapi Akore