Work with schools, MP says

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday February 26th, 2014

 GAZELLE MP Malakai Tabar has called on parents in the Gazelle district and in East New Britain to cooperate with schools.

He made this call while visiting Vunapalading ward in his district.

It followed his recent visits to some schools in the district when he was told by teachers and school administrations that many parents had failed to be responsible or cooperate with the schools their children were attending.

Tabar said the free education policy made it possible for more children to attend schools, causing congestion in classrooms.

He said while this is happening, the national government, through the Education Department, warned school administrations and boards to stick to a K200 maximum project fee.

However, Tabar said while this was happy news for many parents in the province and throughout the country, it had also made some parents “weak and lazy”.

He said many parents had neglected simple responsibilities such as parents’ work parade day in schools and meetings.

Tabar said because most parents had failed to cooperate with schools, especially in the district,  students were forced out of the classrooms to cut grass and clean their schools.

He said that was not right. 

“That’s unfair, the students are supposed to be in class learning something,” he said.

He said Gazelle’s population had gone past 130,000.

Tabar said parents, while having more children, should be more responsible when it came to their children’s education and welfare.