Worker’s union tribunal on

Lae News, Normal


A THREE-year-old dispute between the PNG Maritime and Transport Workers Union and the Mountain Transport Limited is now being heard by a tribunal at the Lae International Hotel.
The tribunal is chaired by Pex Arosa with Trade Union Congress general secretary John Paska representing the workers and Allan Maino representing the employer.
The union had lodged a log of claims for improved terms and conditions of employment for employees of Mountain Transport, and the alleged harsh, unfair and unreasonable termination of Paul Nonda from his employment with a claim for re-instatement to his former position.
The log of claims was served to Mountain Transport on the April 21, 2006.
The union’s submission claimed that the management of the trucking company did not directly acknowledge or respond to the claim, however, the company later joined the Employers Federation who presented its interests in subsequent negotiations.
In late September 2006, the Employers Federation verbally advised the union that they were unwilling to enter into negotiations on the log of claims as they intended to seek a National Court declaration under section 38 of the Industrial Organisations Act on the union’s membership coverage of road transport employees.
As a result of the refusal of the Employers Federation to enter into negotiations, the union then notified the secretary for Labour and Industrial Relations of the existence of an industrial dispute on the Oct 10, 2006.
The hearing continues today.