Workers end strike

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The National, Monday November 4th, 2013


OK Tedi Mining Ltd (OTML) workers returned to their posts last Friday after a two-day strike over redundancy offer concerns, the miner said.

Some of the mine’s 6,000 workers went on strike last Wednesday night and Thursday because of concerns about redundancy packages. 

As part of plans to reduce production by a third, the Ok Tedi mine was making all staff redundant before rehiring a smaller workforce next year.

Daniel Komba from the Mine Workers’ Union told Radio Australia that some staff were worried they would get a smaller payout than those who accepted an earlier redundancy offer. 

The confusion had been heightened by the PNG Government’s recent takeover of the mine. 

The company said: “The stop work is over and everyone has returned to work.

“The Ok Tedi Workers Union and its members had staged an illegal stop work over the redundancy and voluntary departure package offered by the company to the workers. 

“Management was holding discussions with the union and the workforce today (last Thursday) to resolve the issue and have employees on night shift return to work tonight.” 

Employees illegally stayed away from their posts and mill employees refused to go to work last night (Wednesday) and this morning (Thursday)”.

Following the protest, production had been also been cut.