Workers need party to be active

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The National,Wednesday18 January 2012

AS a former trade unionist, I want to know how involved the trade union movement is in the running of the PNG Labour Party.
I remember that PNG Labour Party was formed by trade unions back in 2001.
I was then the national president of PNG  Banks and Financial Institutions Workers Union when we all supported the establishment of the party and contributed funds to register it.
Since then, I do not know what role the PNG Trade Union Congress plays in the running of the party. I heard from my former union comrades that the party is run by some non-workers living around Morata, in Moresby Northwest.
I strongly believe that the workers in PNG deserve ownership over the PNG Labour Party.
I suggest to my comrade Dr Bob Danaya, the only PNG Labour Party parliamentarian and to the party executives, whoever they are, to return this party to the workers.
The PNGTUC should take over the PNG Labour Party and either Michael Malabag or John Paska should become the president by virtue of the office each of them holds on behalf of the workers.
PNG Labour Party should get back to the drawing board at the PNGTUC office at Korobosea and strategise in preparation for the upcoming national election.
Workers deserve a powerful and rightful voice via the PNG Labour Party.

Reuben G. Elijah
Former trade unionist