More working people found to have diabetes


MORE workers in East New Britain have been found to have high risks of diabetes.
This was discovered by the Frangipani Clinic of Nonga General Hospital since it began conducting its clinical outreach to companies last year.
Sr Eswin Lau, from the Frangipani Clinic, said they have seen a high number of workers being diagnosed following free tests conducted by the medical team.
She said the tests conducted covered sugar level, blood pressure, weight and lifestyle diseases screening in general.
The medical team is conducting clinics at the PNG Power Limited Kokopo branch  and has already visited 20 companies in the province.
She said the working people  tended to be busy to go for medical checks so the clinic was bringing free services to them.
Lau said often many people came too late to the hospital when there were complications already.
The clinical visits were aimed at identifying health problems in patients at an early stage and referring them to doctors for treatment to avoid complications.
The disease control unit at the Nonga hospital consists of the Maravut Resource Centre which deals with HIV, TB and STIs. The Frangipani Clinic does lifestyle diseases screening, has diabetic and the medical outpatient consultation clinics.

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