Works boss pushing for locals in road jobs


WORKS Secretary David Wereh says all major road projects in Papua New Guinea should include 40 per cent local content.
This is under recent reforms undertaken by the department to help nationals.
Wereh said under the reforms and changes, there must be local contractors and content in every project in the country.
“Let me tell you that building local content is a key policy of Government,” Wereh said.
“There is no other place to start that policy then here at the Works Department. Under our various programmes, I can speak confidently that we are already making Papua New Guineans become millionaires. Under the Australian aid programme, we have built about more than 64 local contractors already.
“Under the National Government programme you see on the Highlands Highway, we have a number of local contractors engaged on long-term maintenance works.
“You see small Papua New Guinean contractors are lining up to manage the critical sections to ensure the highway is always in accessible condition.
“These are important changes in line with the Government’s small-to-medium enterprises and local content policy.”
Wereh said Papua New Guineans had been given the opportunity and the ball was in their court.