Workshop empowers women candidates

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday June 18th, 2013

 THE high number of women participating in the local level government elections in Central has been attributed to a recent workshop held in Port Moresby.

A group of 20 women from Central completed an International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) workshop themed “Women making a change happen at the LLG level”.

President of the Abau Women in Agriculture Freda Magini said the workshop attracted women from the five districts in Central. It resulted in the high number contesting the LLG elections.

“The two-day workshop helped women candidates in areas such as lobbying tactics, public speaking, how to facilitate and develop plans and good governance at the LLG level,” she said.

“Women who attended the workshop were motivated and are in high spirits to contest the LLG elections.”

Magini thanked the IFES for facilitating the two-day workshop.

Of the 33 women contesting in the five districts, 12 are vying for the presidents’ seats and 21 for the ward council seats.

Election officials said nominations went well without any hiccup.