Workshop empowers young leaders to participate in democracy

Youth & Careers

YOUTHS are often marginalised from political processes hence it is crucial to empower them to effectively participate in democracy, according to The Voice Inc (TVI).
TVI, a youth development organisation, is running a democracy workshop called the ‘Citizenship Academy’ in Port Moresby that started on Monday and ends today.
The workshop is hosted in partnership with the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA).
The partnership with the International IDEA was established by the TVI co-founder Serena Sasingian Sumanop.
The workshop aims to ensure young men and women were equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively participate in and contribute to the consolidation and strengthening of PNG’s democracy.
Participants include youth leaders from various universities and institutions across the country including Divine Word University, University Of Goroka, University of Technology, University of Papua New Guinea and other institutions based in Port Moresby.
The workshop topics included elections, political parties, civic engagements and the role of the media.
The organisation believes young people in PNG, who make up 70 per cent of the population, hold the key to developing the nation’s future.
“As wealth pours in for the nation, we must invest in building the wealth of a young person’s character,” Sumanop said.
“The challenges of democracy cannot be properly addressed if a person does not know what democracy means and the conditions in which a functioning democracy can flourish.”

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