Workshop focuses on living in Australia

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The National, Thursday 13th June 2013


BECOMING a permanent resident in Australia is beneficial to skilled Papua New Guineans, according to a migration specialist firm. 

Visa One Migration Professionals will be conducting a one-day workshop in Port Moresby this weekend, with the aim to educate skilled citizens on the benefits of becoming a permanent resident in Australia.

“The workshop promotes skilled migration to Australia. But it is not just an information seminar promoting Australia; it is master classes on ‘how-to’ prepare an application from start to finish,” principal consultant Yuri Marshall said yesterday.

“This is the first workshop of this kind. Normally, to hire a lawyer or migration agent to handle a case for you, people can spend between A$3,000 and A$6,000 (K6,111 and K12,222).

“But our workshop is only K495 per person and all the information to be disseminated in the workshop is the same information that lawyers and migration agents use to help people. 

“So people will save thousands of dollars for the intellectual information on how to migrate to Australia,” Marshall said.

“Our purpose is to educate skilled people in PNG about how becoming an Australian permanent resident can benefit them such as medicare, access to subsidised Australian education, freedom to live in Australia and Papua New Guinea (which in reality is exactly what happens), etc.

“For example, many of our clients who are PNG citizens and who are now Australian permanent residents, have gained their education and international work experience in Australia and returned home to PNG to work, do business or have international relations, which in turn promotes skills transference across borders,” he added.

“Furthermore, once PNG aligns itself to the global community to allow dual or multiple citizenship, this will further promote co-residency between our neighbouring nations.”

Visa One has conducted similar workshops in Australia, India and Philippines over the past 10 years. 

It has 10 years of experience in the migration industry and claims a success rate of 97.7% over the period. 

Visa One specialises in skilled migration, family migration, employer sponsored migration, business migration, strategic planning, corporate migration consulting, case appeals, complex cases and risk management.