Workshop on how to access funds

Lae News, Normal


FORTY participants from the Seventh-Day Adventist church attended a two-week workshop on writing proposal.
This workshop was also seen as timely because the European Union announced that it would donate K20 million to non-governmental organisations and churches.
Facilitator for the course, Dr John Hamau, said that there was more than K600 million worth of donor funding “waiting to be accessed”.
Dr Hamau said that the problem was that many people did not have the know-how to access this money.
He commended the SDA church for taking the initiative to equip its leaders with this knowledge.
Church partnership programme coordinator Darren Yorio said  the church had always relied on tithes to operate and was self-reliant in conducting its own operations.
Mr Yorio said the availability of funds for churches and the lack of knowledge by church leaders on how  to access the funds had prompted him to arrange for a workshop on proposal writing skills.
He hoped that with the new knowledge, the leaders would be able to access funding to increase the work of evangelism and capacity building for better service delivery.
Currently, the church runs schools of all levels, a university, aviation services and book centres to sustain it.
The 40 participants were principals, headmasters and divisional heads within the Seventh-Day Adventist church.