Workshop to help tackle gender-based violence

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The National, Thursday 9th May 2013

 THE Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee is equipping journalists to address the issue of gender-based violence.

The committee under the consultative implementation and monitoring council sponsored by USAID carried out a week-long workshop for the National Broadcasting Corporation journalists on the subject. 

The aim of the workshop was to build journalists’ capacity in having a broader understanding and knowledge of the issue so they can disseminate information more effectively to the public.

Isi Oru, the committee’s project and programme officer, said the workshop was to build on what the radion journalists started last year, with NBC in using radio as a form of advocacy on gender-based violence in the country.

Oru said NBC had a talkback programme called “Use your voice campaign’’ which advocated on the issue and word was being spread. There was awareness at least.

Mathew Jaymes, from NBC Milne Bay, said the workshop programme was enriching.

“It has broadened our understanding and by talking about this issue on radio, a lot of people have come out to speak on it,” he said.