World Bank official visits to check on coffee, cocoa rehab projects


A WORLD Bank official visited the country last week as part of a mission to check on coffee and cocoa rehabilitation.
Stephane Forman was at Yamiufa Village in Mando, Lower Asaro local level government, Eastern Highlands.
Forman was in the country for the first time as task team leader of the World Bank-led implementation support mission checking the progress of coffee and cocoa rehabilitation in Papua New Guinea.
The coffee rehabilitation project was financed through a loan from the World Bank and the International Fund for Agricultural Development, with support funding from the Government.
Forman urged farmers to increase their production and earn more  income to improve their lives.
“I hope to see some changes in the way you produce coffee,” Forman said.
“The project has less than two years so make the most of it to sustain it yourself.”
Forman advised farmers to increase production and improve quality to attract companies to buy their coffee at a higher price.
Deputy Secretary for the Department of Agriculture and Livestock Steven Mombi said the Government obtained a loan to fund the rehabilitation of coffee and cocoa.