World Health Organisation to host training marathon for vaccine manufacturing

Health Watch

Many low- and middle-income countries face inconsistent supply of quality-assured vaccines and are dependent on importation to fill the gaps in supply, the World Health Organisation says.
The WHO said local production can improve timely access and safeguard health security in vaccine supplies.
The WHO’s local production and assistance unit is organising a virtual cGMP training marathon for vaccine manufacturing in response to member states’ requests for capacity-building to address challenges and improve compliance to the training and regulatory requirements.
This training welcomes the participation of vaccine manufacturers, biopharmaceutical manufacturers, manufacturers intending to produce vaccines, national regulatory agencies and officials from related government ministries such as ministries of health and ministries of industries.
From Oct 5 to Nov 11, two topics would be delivered each week to provide the wide range of the training topics and minimise interruptions to business operations. – World Health Organisation

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