World Vision tests child-focused training

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WORLD Vision tested its child-focused training emphasising on empowering and making students develop their knowledge and skills on basic aspects of disaster risk reduction and preparedness, according to facilitator Bonnie Belonie.
Through the support of the Australian Humanitarian Partnership, World Vision pilot-tested the module on 25 students from two primary schools in Madang.
With its location on the Pacific Ring of Fire, Papua New Guinea (PNG) is highly susceptible to disaster that put lives at risk. Madang is one of the provinces that faces multiple hazards like floods, landslides, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions.
“This pilot test was the first to be done in the country”, said World Vision’s humanitarian and emergency affairs manager Michael Ngond.
“It’s timely as PNG has recently experienced a number of natural disasters. It’s important we reduce the risk to children as they are especially vulnerable during disasters”, he said.
The module was designed to be child-friendly and participatory, with fun and games built into the sessions, according to Belonie.
One of the students, Lebu, 14, said: “I now understand the difference between hazards and disasters and I can identify and better prepare myself and others.”
Some main areas covered in the training included Child rights and wellbeing; understanding children’s participation in their environment; basic concepts of hazards, disasters, capacity, vulnerability, disaster risk and others.

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