Worshop reviews aid impacts

Lae News, Normal

The National – Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A WORKSHOP organised by New Zealand aid agency Bris Kanda, has been told there needs to be more research into whether or not men, women and young people benefited from the community projects they fund.
The two-day meeting which began at the Lae International Hotel yesterday involved government, semi-government and organisations such as Unitech, Women in Agriculture, NARI, SSSEP and Village Development Trust. 
The main focus  was specifically to discuss their gender programmes that had not been touched on in the last four years since the inception of Bris Kanda with interested
parties discussing and trying to determine the input by women in the implementation and decision-making aspects of projects.
Bris Kanda general manager Lukis Romaso said they did not want to adopt just another gender programme but one that was active, feasible and produced outcomes for target groups.
The meeting said most decisions were still made by men while women did most of the hard work and left out in decision-making roles. 
Bris Kanda said it aimed to make men, women and young people respect and believe in themselves 
Meanwhile, the provincial government had earmarked K2.1 million for Bris Kanda projects in its budget this year.
He said he was assured of the funding by Salamaua LLG president Hagai Joshua who provided the allocation papers.
Romaso said Bris Kanda had not submitted for assistance but if the provincial government had seen fit to further their community projects then it was a good thing and the money should be spent solely for that.
The meeting was also told that Watut area in the Huon district was fast becoming the highest producer of cocoa in Morobe under Bris Kanda guidance. 
It currently has an estimated 300 to 400 cocoa trees and 10 fermentaries with the growth of the cash crop in the area described as remarkable.