Worst team picked


This year’s Hunters team is the worst team selected. There’s no team play and they play one-man football. Who wants to watch a match played by individuals with no flow and no creativity.
There is hardly any organisation in the attack, the players stand flat, there is no clear decision on who is organising the play from the ruck, and both halfs don’t know what they are doing. The players seem to lack conditioning. They need to do conditioning and physio endurance exercises to enable them to be tough and smart for the full 80 minutes.
The players also lack passion and don’t seem happy to be in the team. They should show enthusiasm and pride. They need to step up because this is not the Digicel Cup competition they are playing in.
There is a huge lack of creativity in the middle by the likes of Ase Boas and Jnr Puara. Even the edges lack electrifying play. There are good Digicel Cup players like Taita (Chimbu Warriors) and other players in the Goroka Lahanis, Mendi Muruks and Hagen Eagles teams.
There are players out there who can bring creativity to the Hunters. The sponsors have thrown their support behind the Hunters and it is only fair that the players perform as expected.
I suggest that the selectors canvas the views of the public to help them with the selection of the squad.
This is the worst Hunters team and the future looks bleak.

Rugby league fan