Worthless education


THE national government’s free education policy is meant to ensure all children are educated.
The national government is paying millions into the Education Department to provide free and quality universal education for all students who are attending grade 1 to 12 and its fundamental target is to achieve its Millennium Development Goals.
The free education policy is the vital service that the government is providing to the people which impacts on the development of the country and which will eradicate other social problems such as crime, poverty, family violence and street selling, resulting in a free and balanced society.
However, I have seen so many grade 12 dropouts living with friends and relatives or house-roaming aimlessly throughout the city’s boroughs with their year 12 paper now obsolete, valueless and useless.
The government should create opportunities or avenues to help these children who spend their time looking for rice and tinned fish in their relatives’ home while roaming the streets in the city pretending to be looking for work.

With a Kung Nais, Pom