Wouwou: New road will aid 200,000 in West Sepik


More than 200,000 people of West Sepik will benefit from a new road that will be undergoing construction next month, Governor Tony Wouwou says.
He said in a statement said that road services in the province were a top priority under his leadership.
Wouwou said roads were the lifeline of the people and must be given priority over other infrastructure in the province.
Meanwhile, he said his move to join Government came after he considered the views of his people.
Wouwou said after 40 years the people of West Sepik had been denied basic services.
“This is because successive governors had bserved their interest first and not the interest of the people,” he said.
Wouwou was backed by Nuku local level government president Alex Yali.
Yali said Wouwou was a mandated leader and his decision to join Government was good for the province.