Write a book and make PNG proud, says library chief


The Director General of the Office of Libraries and Archives Kakaito Kasi has challenged all Papua New Guineans to leave a legacy behind by writing books.
Kasi said you will die and go but your legacy would live on for generations to come.
He said the Office of the Libraries and Archives was reviving the old public libraries and archives in the provinces and they want books written by Papua New Guineans to be on the shelves of those libraries and archives.
“We are targeting 23 public libraries, 89 district libraries and 13,000 school libraries to have books distributed,” Kasi said.
“Also we would be happy to sell our books overseas and to end up in international libraries to tell the world that we can write too.
Kasi said his office has planned to work with Papua New Guinea authors or people who write books to ensure their books are distributed right throughout the country.
“When we are working on government department libraries, these books will be in the shelves in every government departments.
“We have to leave a legacy behind so let’s write a book.
“We need to leave a legacy behind for our children. Also these books we write can be placed in those libraries and our children can read them.”
Kasi was speaking to some 400 teachers of NCD during the opening of the National In-service Week in Port Moresby last week.

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