Written Expression exam question unfair


On Monday, over 30,000 grade 12 students sat for the National Written Expression Exam.
The issue posed in question one was based on whether or not the Government should arrange for all teachers and students to receive vaccination and be tested for the Coronavirus (Covid-19) in 2022.
However, the resource booklet issued to the students by the Education Department a week before the exam to study did not prepare students to write an argument either for or against vaccination.
All 48 sources and 20 questions in the booklet were irrelevant to the essay topic.
Rather than informing students on the types of vaccines available, their side effects, costs and related matters, the booklet focused on the impacts of the Covid-19 on PNG and parts of the world.
How are students supposed to form an opinion on Covid-19 vaccination when all they studied were its impacts?
It is fair to say that students could have done their own research on the topic, but how were they to know that the question was going to be about vaccines when the primary source of information barely mentioned vaccination as an issue.
The Education Department needs to look further into the essay question and source booklets and give a solution to the students.
What transpired on Monday was unfair for all students, especially in the rural areas whose sole source may have been the booklet. All teachers and invigilators ought to stand with their students and raise this concern to the Education Department because this is a very important time for all grade 12 students and they deserve a fair chance at scoring good marks.

Concerned Student, Pom