Wrong person appointed to oversee commerce

Letters, Normal

I WISH to express my disappointment with US president Barack Obama for appointing a “transgendered” man Amanda Simpson as a senior technical adviser to the department of commerce.
Transsexualism is a psychic disorder of those whose genetic makeup and physical characteristics are unambiguously of one sex but who feel that they belong to the opposite sex.
In some cases, the urge is so strong that the person undergoes a “sex-change” operation to acquire the opposite sex’s external sexual organs.
The new organs have no reproductive function.
Transsexual surgical operation is so superficial and external that it does not change the personality. If the person was male, he remains male. If she was female, she remains female.
Each cell of a person’s body contains chromosomes which identify that individual as either male or female.
Mutilating surgery and hormone treatments can create the appearance of a male or female body, but it cannot change the underlying reality. It is not possible to change a person’s sex.
Recent medical evidence suggests that in a majority of cases the procedure increases the likelihood of depression and psychic disturbance. 
Paul Kokoski,
Ontario, Canada